Interview for Victoria Janashvili “CURVES” the Art book :

As a child, I grew up with a lot of insecurities. I was convinced that I was ugly, despite being constantly showered with love and compliments from my parents.

My mom told me each day how beautiful I am and my grandmother would proclaim that I was the most gorgeous girl in this world, but I knew my family loved me and therefore could not be objective. At school, things fared differently. Boys teased me about my big lips and girls told me not to smile because I looked funny when I did. I felt embarrassed. So much so that it affected my facial expressions, and destroyed my confidence. I wanted to change everything about my face – nose, lips, and eyebrows… Everything seemed too big and unnatural.

Later on, I met an amazing teacher who changed my life. She explained that beauty was subjective and shouldn’t be compared with different degrees. Beauty is not defined solely by our face, figure, or expensive clothes but by our thoughts and actions, the fire in our eyes and our passion for life. Certainly we must take care of our body, which is the temple of our soul, but we should not turn our physical appearance into a cult-like reverence. I do notknow what happened, but I feel more beautiful than ever since adopting that philosophy. I have learned not to focus on flaws in myself or others, but instead on the beauty of the Creator that exists in all of us. This knowledge changed my perception of the world and took it to a new level.

Of course love will always uplift a woman and make her feel beautiful but if you have not yet found that special person, it does not mean thatyou cannot see the beauty in yourself first. You must love with all your heart in everything you do in life; from the work you do each day, to the people you meet, and the world in which you live. I try to learn and discover something neweveryday. I realized that there will always be an infinite abyss of the unknown and controversy in this world, and that in itself is fine by me because I learned to embrace who I am inside and out…