Natalie was born in Russia to parents who are both surgeons. Her grandmother was a pianist, and, as a child, she took piano lessons. In general, she was quite drawn to all forms of the arts. Natalie was painting, she went to ballet school, and took acting lessons … As Natalie had an aptitude for Mathematics, her parents really wanted her to go in that direction, so she ended up with a degree in Economics. But her soul, however, was always asking for something else. Therefore, Natalie decided to continue her studies at the Music Academy in Moscow. Now she knows that as much as she loves music, and she have also performed as a singer during her years at the Music Academy, Natalie would like to continue doing it as a hobby.

“Her true passion nowadays is cooking , and this is what she intend to focus on in the future. These days she works as a commercial model and going to continue doing that, in addition to pursuing her private chef career.”

“I see myself blessed with a wonderful life. I am surrounded by amazing, beautiful, and interesting people, who are doing a lot to help and support me with everything I do.

I too am always trying to do my best to help every person I am fortunate to meet, if I am in the position to do so, because I believe God makes us meet people for a reason, and we should do everything we can for those who can benefit from our assistance.

My motto is that if you do things right, anything is possible! You should follow your goals and adhere to your principles, and then all your dreams will come true. Even if at some point in your life you experience difficulty, keep smiling, look for what you can do to improve, how you can become stronger, happier, and more successful, and eventually the universe will give you all that you truly need.